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SE Bikes

SE Bikes was started by the Godfather of BMX, Scot Breithaupt in 1977 and is still making top tier BMX bikes today. SE Bikes are hard to come by, therefore, they are heavily sought after and collectible.



As one of the oldest bike companies around, Fuji makes a wide variety of bikes. Mountain bikes, road bikes, fat bikes, e-bikes, and more. They start at an affordable price for their impressive quality.



Many people have fond memories of their Diamondback bikes. With a reputation for durability and quality, a Diamondback is one of the best brands for an exceptional bike at an affordable price.


FAT Bikes

If you are looking to extend the biking season into the winter months then a fat bike might be what you need. With tires up to 5.2in wide and low gearing, fat bikes give you plenty of traction and power to ride through the snow. 


E - Bikes

E-Bikes have been steadily rising in popularity over the years. They provide riders with pedal assist to overcome the hills and headwinds, commute faster, or to simply extend you ride. For riders with joint pain, an E-Bike can make riding more enjoyable.  

Customer Reviews


Its truly my favorite place to be nowadays! Absolutely my favorite toy store ..


Probably one of the most sincere and good dudes I have dealt with in bicycling. I bought my Ti fat bike earlier this year and it has quickly become my all time favorite bike :)


Great service and information. I got a quality bike at a reasonable price. Steven was awesome!


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