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About Us

Who We Are

    We are bicycle enthusiasts all coming together on one accord for a healthier better way of life by a renewing of the mind, putting off old ways, and putting on more positive & healthier ways, that comes by way of health fitness nutrition, and recovery on all levels, while focusing on spirituality, that being God greater then ourselves. the goal is to assist others in there bicycle purchases or builds, upgrades, maintenance or modifications by bicycle seminars, suggestions, support and guidance along the way. no question asked is too little or small. the only question not asked, is the only question not answered. please feel free to ask any questions on any purchases anywhere you go. we are here for fully assist, and support even internet purchases of which we can assist. Weather  in your purchase, set up or build. we too search for them bargains, and passed them on to you, our friends and family. that's you!


Our Values

We are focused on you as a customer and a person, where people matter over money! Truth is that we do not have customers only friends and family.

We are not here for money, but for the ability to pay it forward.


Bicycle Therapy

We work with veterans & the community with those who struggle with addictions and obsessions through CBT, DBT, & Spirituality thru hands on bicycle training classes.

We are veteran friendly assisting those who struggle daily PTSD, to negative obsessions and addictions. A place where everyone is welcome. 24hr. support lines.



We are more than a bike shop, but a ministry that has turned into the appearance of a bike shop.

  • we have helped homeless people find housing.

  • we have helped individuals obtain I.D's & drivers licenses. 

  • we work with M.D.O.C. & the offender success program thru bikes donations & volunteering & follow-up care. 

  • we work with the veterans administration & veterans within our facility utilizing a CWT community work therapy program.

  • we help individuals with job applications & resume's including rides if needed.

  • we help individuals getting into rehab including follow-up care & companionship support.

  • we help individuals with life-skills including good lives plan, life's projected future planning.

  • we donate on the average in the summer months 5-7 bicycle donations per week, thru the support of our veteran volunteers. 

  • we continually strive to donate new self help & recovery books to local jails & prison systems.

  • we volunteer & donate bicycles to foster homes.

  • we have helped individuals with clothing needs.

Please know we are not boasting only sharing a bit of what we do so that if you ever considered to get involved we are always looking for extra hands, and also if you know of anyone who could benefited from any of the above assistance please do not hesitate to conatact us directly.  

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